Thief in the Night

December 27, 2017 // Posted in Life, Shopping, Technology  

Alas, sadly, this is another post about my car. Last night, while I was sleeping, someone stole the catalytic converter from my parked car! What? I was shocked! I had never heard such a thing in my life.

It turns out stealing catalytic converters is big business these days and far more common that you might think. An aggressive thief can steal as many as 10-15 in a single day. The catalytic converters can sell for $20 to $240 and some thieves have boasted they can be removed in less than a minute. SUV’s are often targeted because they are higher off of the ground and may not even require a jack to get underneath and cut off the catalytic converter.

The are stolen because they contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium or rhodium. They are required by local governments because they mitigate pollutants and other emissions from your car. Your vehicle will not pass an emissions test without a catalytic converter, and some cars won’t operate at all without one.

Repairs after the catalytic converter has been stolen can cost $500-$2300 depending on whether the vehicle is significantly damaged in the process. Some people go as far as having a cage placed around the new catalytic converter to prevent it being stolen again. Another suggestion is to have your VIN number etched onto the replacement.

I have even heard of catalytic converters being stolen in shopping center parking lots. For someone who knows what they are doing, they can get under your car, cut off the catalytic converter, and be gone within minutes while you are shopping an totally unaware that your car was a target.

From now on, I will be parking as close to entrances of buildings and shopping centers as I can get, and in a well lit area if possible.

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