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September 11, 2010 // Posted in Life, Sex, Thoughts (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on 911

Today is Sept. 11, 2010, the 9th anniversary of the well known terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I understand that there will be many ceremonies being help today to help the survivors and friends and family of the not so lucky victims that didn’t make it out alive.

I noticed that on the calendar it says that it is Patriot Day. I wonder if that is something new that they came up with since 911 or if it always was considered Patriot Day. Something to look into when I have a few moments online.  Right now I’m getting ready for a busy weekend, the weather is supposed to be nice, we won’t be having many more weekends of decent weather left so I’m going to try and take in as much as I can while I can.

Spring has arrived

May 15, 2008 // Posted in Life, Shopping (Tags: , , , , ) |  1 Comment

Spring has arrived around here and it could not come at a better time in my opinion. i have been waiting for warmer weather now for six months and now that it is here I hope it stays because the cold weather sucks. I live in the South so most activities are not for cold weather but rather for outside activities like fishing boating hunting biking or swimming but there is not much to do around here when the weather is cold other than get sick, lol.

Now that the warm air is here it is time to buy a new swimsuit and wardrobe because i have grown a little bit since the last summer and I always like to keep up with the latest fashion and stylish clothing. No that Spring is here what are you going to do?