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Growing Fond of Jimmy Fallon

November 14, 2012 // Posted in Laughs, Life, Shows (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Growing Fond of Jimmy Fallon

When I have a an extra half hour at night I turn on one of the late night talk shows. I have never really liked Jay Leno, so I almost never watch his show. I loved Johnny Carson. Hate Jay Leno – especially after he fucked over Conan for that time slot.

Years ago I used to watch the David Letterman show but he has had his scandals and I lost respect for him as a person. I feel dirty watching his show – like I am supporting old white men who take advantage of their power and money and fuck over the people who work for them. So I was looking for an alternative to Leno and Letterman and I am so glad that I fond the Jimmy Gallon show.

You might remember Fallon from his gigs on Saturday Night Live. I think he is funny as hell, but more than that, his show has fun segments and tops stars. It really is entertainment on his show. So I try to tune in to Jimmy Fallon when I have the chance. I like the guy and out of the late night shows on TV, I think he is the best.

Laundry Day

August 2, 2011 // Posted in Life, Memories (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Laundry Day

As a kid in New England, my family lived in a small town with a lot of good people who took family life very seriously. It was one of those “it takes a whole village” kind of places.

Everyone in my neighborhood did laundry on Monday, and although we had electric dryers, a lot of women preferred to hand the laundry out on a clothesline. Tuesday was always dedicated to ironing the clothes that were washed the day before.

It’s funny how these little habits stick with you. I try to do my laundry on Mondays, but if something comes up and I’m too busy, then I make very sure to get the laundry done on Tuesdays. LOL