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Signature Dish

November 16, 2011 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Thoughts (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Signature Dish

This girl was visiting and hanging out and talking about various things and I started getting really annoyed with her. She was trying so hard to impress everyone, bragging about all these things she can do. She likes crafts, she goes waterskiing and snow skiing, she has a fancy car – although I personally cannot stand Monte Carlos – and she likes to cook.

So, I asked her about cooking, just to make conversation. She says that she’s been cooking since she was 10 years old and loves being in the kitchen. So, I asked her is he “signature dish”? In my book, everyone who really loves to cook has one or two things that are their “old faithful.” They know how to cook it without reading a recipe and its tried and true. I believe the chef’s professional term for it is “signature dish.” She looked at, puzzled. I explained what the term meant and asked her what is hers? She shrugged and said that she doesn’t really have one – she just loves trying new recipes and everything always seems to turn out good.