Spotted the Ex

September 19, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Life  

Don’t you hate it when you are out with friends having a nice time and then all of a sudden you see your most hated ex walk into the room? That is a huge downer moment for me. I am always very uncomfortable about how to handle that. My first instinct is always to just grab my purse, pay my tab and get the fuck out of there. But then I think, why should that asshole spoil my good time? So sometimes I just stay and ignore the motherfucker.

That happened last night and I was so tempted to just leave. I know he saw me at the bar with my friends and he walked in with a couple of his guy friends. I bet if I hadn’t been there, that he and his friends would have come over to hit on the other girls. I thought if I left then maybe one of the girls would have a shot at meeting one of his friends. Then I realized that the ex might be the one to hit on one of my friends and that would be seriously wrong for me to wish that hot mess on any of my friends. So I stayed and just ignored the motherfucker, and after about 20 minutes I saw him leave with his friends and walk down the street to some other club.

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