Reader’s Digest, Always Good For a Laugh

September 23, 2010 // Posted in Laughs, Life  

I have been receiving the monthly publication of Reader’s Digest since I moved out on my own. We always had a stack of them in the bathrooms back home and the whole family enjoyed reading them while spending time in there. The jokes are always funny and I’d like to share a few of my favorites here today.

“I have no respect for gangs today. They just drive by and start shooting people. At least in the old days, lie in West Side Story, the gangs used to dance with each other first.”

“Last Valentine’s Day, I arrived at the doctor’s office where I work as a receptionist to find a mystery man pacing up and down holding a package. As I got out of the car, he declared warmly, “I have something for you.” I excitedly ripped open the bundle. It was a urine sample!”

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