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Popcorn Lunch

September 13, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Life, Shopping, Work (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Popcorn Lunch

Things were so crazy busy around here that all I had for lunch was a bag of microwave popcorn. I don’t even like popcorn all that much, but I was starving and that was the only thing I could see in the vending machine that would be even halfway healthy. I like chocolate as much as the next girl, but when you are hungry, chocolate does not fill you up.

Never knew there were so many different brands and flavors of popcorn until I went to Kroger this morning to pick up some popcorn and just keep it in my desk. I also picked up 5 frozen dinners to keep in the break room at work. They were on sale for $2 a piece and you can’t beat that price plus the convenience of them being just 6 minutes in the microwave away from being a fast lunch.

The only problem with putting a lot of food in the freezer at work is that people steal your food when they are stuck there late at night working on a deadline and don’t want to go out to buy their own fucking dinner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the freezer to grab one of my frozen lunches and I find a sticky note in there saying I.O.U. and my lunch is gone. When that happens I track down the fucker who stole my lunch and make him take me out to Longhorn Steakhouse for a lunch. That always costs about $20 instead of the $2 frozen lunch that they stole from me. But some of those guys don’t care at all – they even write it off on their expense reports and we both get to eat for free.

I am so fucking hungry

March 18, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Life, Work (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on I am so fucking hungry

I am so fucking hungry I can’t stand it. I am going to have to go get breakfast this morning. I fell asleep on the couch last night and never ate any dinner. I was so tired, that I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. about half way through the night I got up and went to my bed because the couch is not that comfortable. Yesterday was a doozy at work and I barely had time to breath we were so busy. Since I didn’t have dinner last night and I am going to go out to breakfast, I think I will go hit up Denny’s. They have the best breakfast around right now.

I know I am going to be late for work today, but I don’t care. I require sustenance and a pop tart is not going to cut it. I don’t have to call in and let them know, because our boss told us to be a little late today. We got the project done yesterday, and we all worked really hard, so he is giving us a little break this morning. I gotta love my boss because he is really cool and shit. He lets us know that he appreciates us and our hard work.

Under Construction

September 15, 2010 // Posted in Life, Work (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Under Construction

For the past few days, I have been woken up early in the morning by the heavy equipment that they are using on my street to fix the damage that was done last winter and the severe weather that we experienced for so long. I wish that they would take in consideration that not all people are up and moving around in the early morning hours. There are people like me that work at night that are just trying to get to sleep when the other people are getting up and getting ready for work during the daytime hours.

I’m glad that they are finally fixing the street, it has been a major concern for many of us since the damage was done so long ago, but I just wish that they would hurry up and get the job done and move on to another street and let e get a decent sleep again.

Double check your embedd size

February 20, 2009 // Posted in Blogs, Work (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Double check your embedd size

When adding the two videos from Hulu via the embed code it did not fit correctly on my blog so I had to go into the embedded source code and change the width size from 530 to 475 so it fit just perfect into my posts but also double check to see what it looks like in IE and Firefox and if you want extra credit then do Opera.

Always double checking if not triple checking what you put online should always be done. you will never have any idea how bad of a speller I am because I follow that rule!

Blogging is the thing to do

January 29, 2008 // Posted in Life, Thoughts, Work (Tags: , , , , ) |  1 Comment

i always wanted my own place online to store my data like photos and videos and to share some of my experiences over time with the rest of the World, so I figured a blog would be a perfect way to do all those things and more. i watched my friend blog for years and knew to get a WordPress blog because it is the best of the best when it comes to blogging software and of course it is free, so you can not beat that.

Anyways if you like to read about topics such as my life or about my work then stay tuned because there is much more to come for sure.