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December 15, 2011 // Posted in Videos (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Pitbull

OMG I fucking LOVE Pitbull ! His music is so totally awesome, and that song with him and J LO ROCKS ! Absolutely best dance song for when I go clubbing.  And have you seen his videos? They are so HOT ! The man has it all. He is talented, sexy and knows it. lol I just love that bald head of his too. If you haven’t seen his videos, then you need to log onto Youtube and check him out, because seriously….you will love it.

That 70’s Show

September 30, 2010 // Posted in Laughs, Movies, Shows, Thoughts, Videos (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on That 70’s Show

I normally don’t like watching a TV show or a movie more than once, twice is about enough for me, so it is really unusual for me to watch a TV show like That 70’s Show over and over, rerun after rerun, but I do. There is something about that TV comedy sitcom that just keeps me rolling each time I see it. Every now and then I’ll run across one that I’ve never seen before and I really get a charge out of that, wish that it happened more often, I can tell you that!

The only other show that I can tolerate watching more than once is the George Lopez show. But I have to admit after seeing something more than 7 times can get pretty stale! The summer reruns that are inevitable really suck, but at least we have the new fall line up to look forward to and this year there seems to be a lot to choose from. I mean with all the channels that most of us can get these days with cable and satellite taking over there are a  lot more shows to see.

The New TV Fall Line Up

September 26, 2010 // Posted in Laughs, Life, Movies, Shows, Videos (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on The New TV Fall Line Up

I usually don’t watch very much television. There isn’t a whole lot out there that interests me enough to spend the time sitting down and watching the old “boob tube” Each year when the new shows are premiering I do get my hopes up that something decent will be coming on and I usually am very disappointed after giving them a chance and watching some of them. I like comedy and there doesn’t seem to be very much quality comedy entertainment on these days. I do enjoy The Comedy Channel every now and then, but they have way too many repeats on and I don’t enjoy watching anything more than once, twice at the most.

So I find myself going to Blockbusters and renting movies when I have the chance, that way I know that I’ll be entertained when I feel the need.

Push by Matchbox Twenty

July 1, 2009 // Posted in Tunes, Videos (Tags: , ) |  Comments Off on Push by Matchbox Twenty

Push by Matchbox Twenty

Lightning Crashes by Live

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Lightning Crashes by Live