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Making Playlists on Spotify

December 7, 2012 // Posted in Life, Technology, Tunes, Web (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Making Playlists on Spotify

One of my new electronic joys is Spotify – the free music service. I love this site! I get to play all the free music that I like – all day and all night. They have all kinds of music, I was able to find 98% of the songs that I like and want to hear.

The way Spotify works is that you make playlists of all the songs that you want to hear. If you don’t want to make your own playlists, you can browse through playlists that other people made and listen to their favorite songs.

I made a playlist called (boringly enough) Adult Contemporary. I couldn’t think of any other way to describe the music that I like and wanted to listen to during the day while I’m working or driving. So I started adding songs and exploring around the site and making note of songs that I hear on the radio and next thing you know I have this huge playlist of really kick ass songs. And other people somehow started finding my playlist and listening to it, too. Spotify has a way to subscribe to the playlist so that if I add an y new songs you automatically get to hear the new songs, too.

So now I have about 14 hours worth of hand picked songs that I like and I have this huge list of people subscribing to my playlist. I’ve never met or talked to any of these people, but i think it is pretty damn cool that so many people like my music enough that they subscribed to my list. Woot!

Gag Me, Lady Gaga

March 6, 2012 // Posted in Laughs, Thoughts, Tunes (Tags: ) |  Comments Off on Gag Me, Lady Gaga


OK – this picture made me laugh my fuckin ass off. Really. I hate that Lady GaGa bitch anyway. she’s not sexy – she’s like a younger and lower class version of Madonna – and Madonna is nothing but a tramp, either.

Discovering the Blues

September 1, 2011 // Posted in Life, Tunes (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Discovering the Blues

I’ve always been a rock and roll kind of girl. I like my rock and roll, and sometimes I like a little bit of Country, too. Not too much though – Country gets boring really fast. But now I’m learning about the Blues. Good stuff!

Push by Matchbox Twenty

July 1, 2009 // Posted in Tunes, Videos (Tags: , ) |  Comments Off on Push by Matchbox Twenty

Push by Matchbox Twenty

Lightning Crashes by Live

June 28, 2009 // Posted in Tunes, Videos (Tags: , ) |  Comments Off on Lightning Crashes by Live

Lightning Crashes by Live