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Gag Me, Lady Gaga

March 6, 2012 // Posted in Laughs, Thoughts, Tunes (Tags: ) |  Comments Off on Gag Me, Lady Gaga


OK – this picture made me laugh my fuckin ass off. Really. I hate that Lady GaGa bitch anyway. she’s not sexy – she’s like a younger and lower class version of Madonna – and Madonna is nothing but a tramp, either.

Fucking really

March 6, 2012 // Posted in Life, Shows, Thoughts (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Fucking really

Sometimes I really fucking hate the news. It is always bad news. Why the fuck can’t they report something good for a change? No matter what channel I turn on there is some kind of crisis. All I can do is shake my head at some of the dumb ass shit people do. There is this one guy who has been living in the crawl space above a Toys R Us store. WTF is that shit? And of course the news thought this stupidity was worthy of reporting to the public. Helloooo? The guy is an idiot. Don’t make him famous for his stupidity.

Then they had a story about a woman who’s kids were never in school. Seriously people, why do I need to know that? Honestly it is stupid to report on something like that. There are much bigger stories I want to know about that do not include some dumb bitch not sending her kids to school. I am sure she had her reasons and quite frankly the law needs to not be so intrusive in peoples lives. I am so sick of hearing about this kind of stuff. I suppose that is why I don’t watch a lot of news. It always pisses me off.


February 17, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Life, Thoughts (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Amazing

This is so fucking amazing. The guy I have been dating took me to that fabulous restaurant and told me he wanted to see me exclusively and vise versa. I so wasn’t sure about him even though I like him a lot. I thought that he would be a no commitment kind of guy, but he has proven me wrong. After we had dinner and our little talk, he took me dancing at The Spot and we danced all night long. I really like The Spot. It has that intimate feel to it, but you really have to go with someone special and I did. I have a feeling we will be adventuring to places like it in the future a lot.

I think I will have to call my mom and tell her about this guy. She is always wanting me to be happy and find the right man. He may just be the one. I certainly hope so, but I do want to take it slow and not rush things. I am going to suggest a weekend trip for the two of us to a cute little B&B in the Smokey Mountains soon. That way we can really explore where we are relationship wise.

On the Road for a Free Dinner

November 24, 2011 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Life, Thoughts (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on On the Road for a Free Dinner

Leaving tonight for a couple of days. It’s my annual duty appearance at my brother’s house. He always hosts the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. He is the only one in the family with a nice house big enough to accommodate everyone, and his wife is a decent cook. She tries to do all the traditional foods, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. and won’t let anyone help her in the kitchen. So, all I have to do is drive 8 hours and sit around drinking white wine with the family the entire day at my brother’s house. If it wasn’t for the white wine I wouldn’t be able to tolerate that much time with those freaks. But, you knew that.

Signature Dish

November 16, 2011 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Thoughts (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Signature Dish

This girl was visiting and hanging out and talking about various things and I started getting really annoyed with her. She was trying so hard to impress everyone, bragging about all these things she can do. She likes crafts, she goes waterskiing and snow skiing, she has a fancy car – although I personally cannot stand Monte Carlos – and she likes to cook.

So, I asked her about cooking, just to make conversation. She says that she’s been cooking since she was 10 years old and loves being in the kitchen. So, I asked her is he “signature dish”? In my book, everyone who really loves to cook has one or two things that are their “old faithful.” They know how to cook it without reading a recipe and its tried and true. I believe the chef’s professional term for it is “signature dish.” She looked at, puzzled. I explained what the term meant and asked her what is hers? She shrugged and said that she doesn’t really have one – she just loves trying new recipes and everything always seems to turn out good.