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I have to agree with that

October 11, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Life, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on I have to agree with that

This guy who writes a blog about guy things writes a post titled Guys should have a clean and sharp looking ones. In his post he writes this”

Every guy needs clothes that make him stand out from the rest and the clothes need to be clean and make who ever is wearing them look sharp. I always try and go with matching outfits for instance if I am wearing bluejeans then I try and match it with a blue long sleeve shirt. If it is to hot outside for a long sleeve then I wear a white tee with white shows along with maybe a white hat with my blue jeans.”

I have to say I could not agree with you more on this one!

Yes Fall has arrived

October 11, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Friends, Life (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Yes Fall has arrived

i am one of those people that love the Fall weather my friend Mandy though says she i snot one of those people in her post titled Well Fall is here boo who which she writes this

“I am more of a Spring, Summer type person rather than a Fall, Winter type person like my so called boy friend is. Right now I am thinking about how good it would be to fly to some remote island where it is just turning Spring and just sit on the beach all day doing nothing but drinking a cool margarita.”

I must say that I love the summer days but there is nothing like sking and snow mobiling.

Video called Stuntin like My Daddy by Lil Wayne and Birdman

September 27, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Thoughts, Tunes, Videos (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Video called Stuntin like My Daddy by Lil Wayne and Birdman

This video called Stuntin like My Daddy by Lil Wayne and Birdman is one hot video and if you like music no matter what kind then you will like this song and video. Your welcome for pointing out the great find out YouTube.

But that is kind of the them for the next couple of posts because there is a lot of great stuff going on everywhere in the world and on other peoples blogs so get ready to enjoy seeing some hot hot sh$t! Of yea did I tell you that you are very welcome! Watch the video in one window and check out the other posts to come while listening!

A new blog advertising service

September 16, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Friends (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on A new blog advertising service

My friends have been talking about a new blog advertising service called Blogtising that sells SEO friendly blog ads on any ones blog so I can start to make money blogging.

So I talk with some of them some more about it on the phone I decided to go ahead and sign up my blog to see if they would accept it and if it works like they say which is I do a post about what ever assignment they give me and I get paid in 2 weeks time via Paypal. So when I hear back from them whether or not I am in I will post more about it then like part 2 so to speak!

Speaking of adult blogs

August 2, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Speaking of adult blogs

I stumbled upon this great adult blogging service called Adult WordPress today and almost cried when I found it because I would have just set up a blog there instead of buying this domain because I set up this blog here because of my blog being removed from the original wordpress for having to much adult content on it but there it seems like it is all good.

Anyways since I just did a blog post about adult blogs I wanted to also do another post about this awesome free adult blogging service because they have tons of adult blogs there but you can also set one up yourself!!