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Super Bowl

January 31, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Laughs (Tags: , , , ) |  Comments Off on Super Bowl

Patriots vs The Giants. This years super bowl looks to be a hell of a game. I am going to a friends house for the standard SB party and shit. He has a big screen T.V. and there will probably be a big turnout. I am helping his girl friend with the party food since she has never done this before and asked for assistance. I reassured her that it was easy and I would be happy to help. We are going shopping on Saturday for the food we need and will start early Sunday morning on putting everything together.

I am going to buy a party platter to save a little time as we are making a full dinner and not just snack and finger food. We haven’t decided completely what to make until we see what the weather is going to do. If it is nice weather, we will BBQ. If not then we will do something else that is equally enticing. I just hope the guys don’t get to fucking drunk like they did last year, because they were very rowdy and rambunctious. I haven’t decided which team I will root for as neither of them are a team I really like.

So much fun

January 25, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Laughs  |  Comments Off on So much fun

Well I went out with some friends to have dinner and see a show at the comedy club. The comedians weren’t anyone famous and one of them was a total fucktard, but other then that we had a blast. My friend Terry heckled the shit out of one of the comedians and it was so bad he almost got us thrown out of the club. The rest of the audience loved it though and booed when they were gonna throw us out so they changed their minds. It was hilarious.

I wish we had gone last week instead though, because Ralfie May was in town performing here at Zanie’s. I love Ralfie May. He is just too fucking funny as a fat white boy from the ghetto. If you have never seen him, look him up on You tube. they have full episodes of his stand up and they are awesome. I was looking at the schedule for the next few months and no one I recognize is gonna be coming unfortunately, but I will keep looking. I hope to be able to see one of the big stars when they come. Maybe you guys can join us on our next trip to Zanie’s comedy club. I hope so.

New fucking phone

January 19, 2012 // Posted in Shopping, Technology  |  Comments Off on New fucking phone

That’s it ! I am buying a fucking smart phone. I am tired of watching all my friends playing with theirs and I am still carrying this stupid ass blackberry that doesn’t do anything. So now I am searching for a phone, with a plan that doesn’t break my bank account. i really would like an android, because there are a lot of free apps for them online. I guess we shall see.

It’s a pizza night

January 13, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Movies (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on It’s a pizza night

I just couldn’t help it I have to indulge. I know it is so fattening, but I love this shit, and Pizza Hut makes the best Deep Dish Pan pizza ever. My favorite is meat lovers. I invited my neighbor over for dinner since she is single too and lives alone. We get together once a week or so and just hang out either here at my house or at hers. Sometimes we cook and sometimes we order in. She rented a great movie for us to watch. She said it is a quintessential chick flick and we are going to cry our eyes out. I think it is called P.S. I Love You.

I hope I like it, because I don’t usually like chick flicks. I prefer action movies where the women are cunts and the men are total dickheads shooting everything in sight. Of course there is always the obligatory love/sex scene in them, but that doesn’t bother me, so long as there is plenty of action. Ha, the pizza is here. I also ordered chicken wings to go with it because pizza, the beer I already have and chicken wings just go together. I hope that girl gets here soon because I am starving.

Stupid fucking cunt

January 13, 2012 // Posted in Eats and Drinks, Friends, Laughs (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Stupid fucking cunt

Well, the girls and I went out last night to Bailey’s and that stupid fucking cunt from New Years was there. She made a spectacle of herself as usual and then got into a fight as well. We all were thrown out because of her and we didn’t even do anything.  If my girl Marsha every brings her again, we have all made a vow to leave immediately and go somewhere else.