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Where the fuck do you stand America?

August 6, 2008 // Posted in Life, Politics, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Where the fuck do you stand America?

When it comes to letting sick people use marijuana to help ease there pain where do you stand? Many State laws allow patients with a doctors note to grow or buy marijuana but Federal law says anyone possessing it or growing it can still be prosecuted under Federal Laws. On this issue I stand behind the patients and the doctors prescribing it rather than locking people up and taking away there property because of using it for medicinal purposes.

I think a vote needs to be taken of the American public and laws passed based upon the outcome of that vote. Which would be either stronger and tougher penalties for sick people using or growing it or one that lets patients with a doctors prescription to use, posses, grow there medicine. So what which are you for? But where ever you stand on this issue do your duty as a citizen and write and call you legislators and tell them how you feel about this and any other issues regarding America.

Speaking of adult blogs

August 2, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Thoughts (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Speaking of adult blogs

I stumbled upon this great adult blogging service called Adult WordPress today and almost cried when I found it because I would have just set up a blog there instead of buying this domain because I set up this blog here because of my blog being removed from the original wordpress for having to much adult content on it but there it seems like it is all good.

Anyways since I just did a blog post about adult blogs I wanted to also do another post about this awesome free adult blogging service because they have tons of adult blogs there but you can also set one up yourself!!

2 great sex toy blogs

August 2, 2008 // Posted in Blogs, Sex (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on 2 great sex toy blogs

I was reading my friends blog and he mentioned that he found a great sex toys blog and I also had one I liked to read so I wanted to talk about them here because much like my friend I think our society has been sex starved for quite some time and we need to explore of sexual beings much more and what a better way to do so than with toys.

I experiment with sex toys all the time with my lover and I have never had a bad time using one during our sexual encounters and we both enjoy reading this sex toys blog and adult toy blog and sending each other noted about what we would like to do with them to each other. If you are an adult and you have any interest in learning more about better sex then swing on by these two blogs and take a look at some of there great devices!