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Looking for a date?

June 4, 2008 // Posted in Friends, Life (Tags: , , , , ) |  Comments Off on Looking for a date?

My friends who has been single for as long as i can remember asked me last month to help her find a guy that would be a great boyfriend. So instead of heading downtown to the local clubs i took her online to a couple of really great dating sites that was full of eager guys looking to take her out and show her a good time.

Since signing up a profile and adding some pictures to it she has received over 150 friends requests and has 3 dates lined up this weekend and 3 more the next, needless to say i am very happy for her because the pursuit of happiness is something we should all get in this life time.

And hopefully one of these guys will turn out to be Mr. Right because the lord knows she needs someone that is going to treat her with respect and honor her friendship as much as her love. if your looking for a date then why not give a couple of online dating website a try, it worked for my friend and I am sure it will work for you to.

Obama for President

June 2, 2008 // Posted in Politics (Tags: , , , , ) |  1 Comment

Barrack Obama has got my vote for President because he believes the same way on issues that I do when it comes to how our Government should be run and what our Government should be doing. It is my bet that this will be the biggest landslide election in American History because the average man knows that voting Republican means more war and higher gas prices along with a sluggish economy and more freedoms taken away.

And voting Democrat means sending our troops home, lower gas prices, a better economy that is not based on trickle down economics and hopefully the end to some of the worst and inhuman laws ever passed by our Government like warrant less wiretapping of the phones and internet and The Patriot Act.

Of course this is just my opinion but it is how I see it.