Planning to get rid of those pesky extra pounds

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I don’t know why my weight seems to fluctuate, but the doctor said it is normal. Apparently as our day to day activities change with either the weather, work or cash flow, our weight seems to do so as well. So I seem to have gathered a few extra pounds that are just beginning to make my jeans a little bit uncomfortable.

To get back in shape, I could run for the exercise, but I tried that before and people have a bad habit of allowing their dogs to run loose in this area. I was almost mauled once and had to jump into a car that had stopped at a stop sign. The surprise on the drivers face was priceless, but I was more worried about the dogs chasing me at the time to actually find the humor in it. Made a new friend though.

I suppose I need to either go to a gym or buy some kind of equipment for my house. At the moment, if I want to go to the gym I can actually ride with a friend of mine when she goes. Unfortunately, she is not very reliable. I think if I’m going to do this regularly, I am going to go with the equipment.

Still not really sure if I want a tread mill or a weight machine. I am thinking that if I look on Craigslist, I might be able to get both. I have enough space for them so that might be the best idea. Buy them used and save money at the same time. And they are right here at my house when i want to use them.

Considering a Tattoo

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Tattoo’s are no longer for the bad boys and girls any longer. It seems like just about everyone has at least one if not more. So far I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon but I really like some of the work I have been seeing and the timing seems right. Not to mention, I have the extra cash to be able to splurge on something like this as tattoo’s are expensive.

I have asked several friends what shops they recommend and everyone seems to have their own favorites with one exception. Just one shop was mentioned multiple times and the same artist each time. After looking over their tattoo’s, I have decided to go to the shop itself and check it out.

Walking in the shop was a revelation. There was amazing artwork all over the walls and tons of photo albums to look at. I was greeted warmly and told the girl at the desk that I needed help figuring out exactly what I wanted and where to put it.

I knew that I wanted some flowers and vines, with maybe a couple of small birds. We were able with the help of the artist to come up with a design that I really love and will look great. It will go on my side and will look amazing with my bikini during the summer months.

I made my appointment and will be getting the work done next weekend. I can’t wait !

Dealing with Car Trouble

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Having car trouble and being a woman do not go hand in hand. You would think that plenty of people would stop to assist you but they don’t really. Thank goodness for AAA and cell phones. If you don’t have AAA, that tow truck is going to take a long, long time. Fortunately for me, I do have it.

Once you are able to get towed the garage of your choice, then you have to deal with men who look at you as if you have three heads or just plain talk down to you about the repairs. Such a lovely time to be had.

Then comes the part where you have to decipher if they are trying to rip you off or not. I know that some shops are famous for charging women twice as much as a man for repair jobs, because we do not really know that much about cars and how they run. I am trying to learn with each time I need to have something fixed but it is not easy. Sometimes I will take my dad with me or a guy friend so that the shop is less likely to take advantage of me. It definitely helps, that’s for sure.

Coffee or Hot Tea or Maybe Some Hot Chocolate

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This cold weather has me craving a warm mug with some type of comforting beverage in it. I want a nice mug of coffee with some flavored creamer, or maybe a nice cup of hot tea – green tea with Mandarin orange bits – or maybe some hot chocolate with real milk and real chocolate melted in it and some marshmallows floating on the top until they melt.

The only other hot beverage that I can think of for a cold winter night might be some hot mulled cider. I found a recipe online that calls for cider and orange juice and some spices that you put into a gauze pocket and let it steep in a crock pot for a couple of hours on low. It sounds delicious but I don’t have any cider, so that will have to come later after I get to the store.

Making Playlists on Spotify

December 7, 2012 // Posted in Life, Technology, Tunes, Web (Tags: , , ) |  Comments Off on Making Playlists on Spotify

One of my new electronic joys is Spotify – the free music service. I love this site! I get to play all the free music that I like – all day and all night. They have all kinds of music, I was able to find 98% of the songs that I like and want to hear.

The way Spotify works is that you make playlists of all the songs that you want to hear. If you don’t want to make your own playlists, you can browse through playlists that other people made and listen to their favorite songs.

I made a playlist called (boringly enough) Adult Contemporary. I couldn’t think of any other way to describe the music that I like and wanted to listen to during the day while I’m working or driving. So I started adding songs and exploring around the site and making note of songs that I hear on the radio and next thing you know I have this huge playlist of really kick ass songs. And other people somehow started finding my playlist and listening to it, too. Spotify has a way to subscribe to the playlist so that if I add an y new songs you automatically get to hear the new songs, too.

So now I have about 14 hours worth of hand picked songs that I like and I have this huge list of people subscribing to my playlist. I’ve never met or talked to any of these people, but i think it is pretty damn cool that so many people like my music enough that they subscribed to my list. Woot!